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CCNA Training in Hyderabad

CCNA Training In Hyderabad: All About IT Network Security And More

Promisingly known as the software capital of India, Hyderabad is definitely one of the major cities that saw the current IT sector boom in the 90s, when other Indian cities were far behind. Most of the global and domestic IT firms also have their headquarters over here and since from its inception, the IT industry never looked back. It plays a major role in boosting the city’s present economy and also generating vast amount of employment help among youngsters. Even most of the students are heading towards CCNA Training in Hyderabad, and we, at Babu Technologies are proud to help them big time.

About our CCNA Course:

Combining and incorporating some of the major topics, our comprehensive CCNA training provide great knowledge and insights of configuring, protocols, troubleshooting and maintaining LAN, WAN and some of the other networks. Our students will get the opportunity to gain up to date knowledge in computer networks and also stay informed about newest technology in the field of IT networking. Not only that, but they will learn more about the basics of networking with the help of our CCNA certification course in Hyderabad. All you have to do is just take online technical test for evaluating your current standing to complete our CCNA Certification Training in Hyderabad. We will prepare you for the best jobs in this current industry.

Unlike any other cities, Hyderabad has remained always in the forefront of IT boom and revolution in this country. This city is known to house colossal number of IT firms, mainly the ITES, IT and computer hardware based firms, which will form major chunk of industry in this city. The future of IT industry in this city is quite promising to say the least, and there are so many success stories under its belt already. The city is known to have widespread investments, technological developments and digital infrastructure for ensuring better employment in IT industry. With our training session in Hyderabad from our best CCNA Training institute in Hyderabad, you can always take the maximum opportunities as available in this city of Charminar through knowledge and skills, highly in demand.

CCNA Security training source:

Now, join us to learn the CCNA security training in this city. This course will help you to design, deploy and even support security for networked devices and also become proactive security professional over here. Our CCNA security course prepares you for designing, implementing and supporting security for network based devices. The course will take first two of the CCNA Routine and Switching trainings as foundation and then prepare the aspiring students for CISCO security certification. Through our courses, you get the chance to add security expertise to CAN networking skills and get to expand the current career opportunities.

  • This course will help you to develop professional knowledge of security tools, principles and configurations based on IT networks.
  • You get the chance to with study in our CCNA Training institutes in Hyderabad and from classroom instructor. You will get complete access to specialized content.
  • Furthermore, you will receive immediate feedback on work based on the tests and quizzes you will be performing at.
  • You are also going to be prepared for working environment with collaborative projects and also by participating in presentation making.

Objective of the course:

Once you have settled for our CCNA Course in Hyderabad, you will be amazed with the positivity it will have in your career life. But first, let’s talk about the course’s objectives.

  • After completion of our course, you will be able to describe components of comprehensive network security policy. It is used for counter threats against the IT section with security policy lifestyle.
  • You get the chance to implement and develop security countermeasures. These steps aimed to protect network elements as part of network infrastructure.
  • The students get the chance to deploy and even maintain threat control and even containment technologies. These steps practically designed for perimeter security in midsized and smaller networks.
  • You get the chance to describe the secure connectivity based technologies and strategies through VPN usage. It helps you to configure site to site and then access VPN remotely using the IOS features.

CCNA training

The course outline:

Want to know more about the areas we will cover in our CCNA Course in Hyderabad ameerpet? Be sure to get all your queries covered before you enrol for our classes. The course outline is here for you:

  • Introduction to the field of network security principles
  • Site to site VPNS
  • Perimeter security
  • Network security with the help of CISO IOS Firewall
  • Network security with the help of CISCO IOS IPS
  • Overview of SAN, LAN, Voice and Endpoint security


Why head to our institution?

The Hyderabad market houses so many educational institutions dealing with CCNA courses and the competition becomes tough with every passing day. Moreover, what are the reasons to actually choose us over other institutions? For instance, some of the positive features of our firm make us completely different from the rest.

  • We will ensure that each one of our students will get full access to required software and hardware
  • We hire only the most experienced and highly qualified instructors to help you out on your courses
  • Our fees are always lower just to match student’s budget and to give. Everyone the chance to learn the power of CCNA
  • Classes will always receive group lectures and time from dedicated instructors whenever the need arises.
  • In the second place, we will cover all the necessary topics, which will help students to learn everything about CCNA.
  • Each student will receive the most complex, in-depth and even latest lab scenarios of the current IT networking industry.
  • There extra lab courses meant for the practical part of our technical courses.

We love to maintain transparency with our students. So, we have our phone number and email ID open for all. Anyone who might want to ask us something can take help of our online site for more details. So, without wasting any time further, get to our CCNA Course details and fess now.