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Why Take spoken English classes in Hyderabad

  • Confidence building is the key to increase fluency of speaking English
  • Developing Vocabulary and Sentence Corrections
  • Pronunciation improvement
  • Developing a reading habit of novels , poems and news papers
  • Also able to develop listening Skills
  • Support and access to all sorts of study material
  • Doubt clearing sessions

About Spoken English Classes in Hyderabad

School , College or University Students and Working Professionals in various industries worldwide require fluency in Spoken English and error-free English.

Spoken English Classes in Hyderabad Ameerpet
Spoken English Classes in Hyderabad Ameerpet


Babu Technologies: Offering The Best Spoken English Class In Hyderabad

Welcome to babu Technologies, one of the promising spoken English institutions in Hyderabad. We follow a unique teaching method, just to make our students love English. Our method is based as need based teaching. Thanks to this method, we will first understand the student’s requirements in this international English along with their future plans. We will further have to learn more about their current fluency level in this language. Depending on all these factors, we have hired the best trainers, ready to create those customized courses. These courses will definitely help students achieve best language goals. Our Spoken English Class in Hyderabad has successfully trained so many individuals. So, working with a new one won’t be that tough.

Features of our spoken English class:

Before you head down to our English institution for spoken English class, we want you to know the features we hold. So, it will help clarifying the reasons behind our class’s growing popularity among masses. For us, age is no bar. Whether you are a young student or an adult, we have classes suitable for every one of you.

  • We are here to offer you with need based training, designed for every student out there
  • We will further offer you with pre-assessment right at the beginning of course
  • You will get a 360 degree view of our evaluation system
  • Our hired experts will provide regular monitoring and testing in class just to match your growth in English proficiency
  • We will further hold mid-term assessment, just to check on your improvements
  • We will maintain individual case file for every student out there
  • At the end of our course, after successfully completing the test, you will receive a certificate from our side to prove your worth
  • We will also prepare you for the upcoming job placements to build a career

Importance of spoken English:

Within the last couple of decades, jobs have turned out to be global in every promising way. So, there has been an increase in English language as well. Over the past couple of years, English has become important communication medium at intra-national and international levels. So, there has always been a growing craze among students and professionals to bag a seat at best spoken english classes in Hyderabad.

English is rather important as there are so many cases when know the subject well but fail to communicate properly. So, it is quite essential to practice spoken English. Learning easy ways to speak English fluently in a non-speaking country will open multiple doors for you. At this present corporate setting, need for that effective communication is recognized and accepted more than any other technical knowledge.

Spoken English Classes in Hyderabad

The language followed by corporate world is English. Individual can make up strides in management ladder with English speaking fluency to support every move taken. In case, your English is poor, you might find yourself languishing at bottom of the success ladder, even with brilliant business ideas. It might affect your productivity level as you will find it rather difficult to express your idea. Those, speaking English fluently, might even steal your ideas and get credit for hard work which you did.

Head to our specialized English speaking classes:

We have some of the specially designed English classes for you, to help not just students but even professionals. Our course will help you shape up your career well by enhancing speaking skills. We also have some English speaking workshops for students to help shape up career.

Spoken English courses for students and professionals:

We deeply respect schools and their amazing contribution in the futuristic world. Our spoken English modules for school children will enhance them to communicate effectively in practical situation. We prepare them for real life. Will correct the typical English usage looseness and Indianism through our classes and through some language activities. We will help children to speak English fluently and without any grammatical mistakes. Furthermore, to make the classes entertaining, we will add skits, role plays and other practical courses to make language learning fun and meaningful.

Students will get the opportunity to master in:

  • Presentation and seminar skills
  • Groups discussions and JAMs
  • Interview skills
  • Resume preparation
  • Email etiquette
  • Personality development
  • Debates

Our language learning programs is a time consuming deal. It is a result oriented, systematic and comprehensive course. It starts by aiding learners to use this language in an effective manner and then improve level of effective communication gradually in student.

For the corporate world:

Secondly, we have a separate corporate spoken English module for students. It is also known as extensive program that strive to achieve all round proficiency in communication skills among working executives.

Level 1 – social English:

  • Focusing on situational English
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Dining and social etiquette
  • Speaking English with grace and style

Level 2 – business English:

  • Listening and presentation skills from best spoken english classes in hyderabadameerpet
  • Business based correspondence help in step by step order
  • Email based etiquette, depending on the corporate requirements
  • Negotiating skills to get your results well

Level 3 – corporate leadership:

  • Learning to work together as a whole team
  • Taking responsibility
  • Developing some of the strong values
  • Inspiring trust

Going through our course will help you understand that we are not just focusing on Spoken English, but would like to help you grow as a human being. Our main goal is to prepare you socially, so that you can shape up your career when needed. Adding English in a fluent manner will be a step forward towards your success goal.

Presenting some suite of tests:

What makes us completely different from other Spoken English institutions in Hyderabad is that we conduct suite of practical tests. So, we are not staying idle by just offering you with basic spoken English classes by following Spoken English syllabus. In addition to that, students have to take our practical tests to know more about their current standing. These tests will not just help students to know their progress report, but will further motivate them to learn more and be a pro.